Telstra's Security Operations Centre

Location: Melbourne, Sydney
Size: 700 sqm
Delivery Partner: JLL

The entrance to the Telstra Security Operations Centre in Sydney.
Telstra's Secutiry Operations Centre (TSOC) allows operatiors to access thousands of datapoints with the touch of a button.
All AV equipment (Computers, Monitors, Screens) and materials used had to comply with strict ASIO Guidelines. Tall Architects are one of the few architectual firms in Australia with demonstratble experience working to defence standards.
Special privacy glass is used on site, which allows the operators to configure the room for privacy at the click of a button.
Special privacy glass allows for privacy and security at the click of a button.
The security operations centre features LED Lighting Strips, that are programmable to create optimal working conditions.
In this instance, the LED Lighting strips have been added to create an experiential environment, but they can also be used to alert security teams to critical incidents.
Another angle of the privacy glass in action.
TSOC's observation chamber without the privacy/ security screen.
The programmable lighting can be set to any colour.