BNY Mellon

Location: Melbourne CBD
Size: 260sqm
Delivery Partners: CBRE, McCormack

Tall Architects director Shane Wintershoven demontrating the lounge areas at BNY Mellon in the Melbourne CBD.
Tall Architects are experts at designing board rooms that integrate the latest VC (Video Conferencing) technologies. 
Tall Architects fit out at BNY Mellon was refined, and features workstations that are optimised for ergonomics. 
A meeting room at BNY Mellon featuring advanced video conferencing facilities. 
A meeting room at BNY Mellon designed by Tall Architects and optimised for collaboration. 
The kitchen/ break out area at BNY Mellon
Workstations at BNY Mellon optimised for ergonomics and productivity in an open plan setting. 

Project Description:

The Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon’s relocation achieved the requirement to create an environment reflective of a leading global financial services firm, and realise spatial efficiencies, increased collaboration and alignment with company security requirements.

Employee amenity was increased with electronic sit-to-stand workpoints, flexible collaboration zones, quiet rooms and shared access to natural light and Collins St vistas.

Integration and seamless usage of AV and VC equipment within a well crafted acoustic environment provides BNY Mellon staff the optimum space to conduct business with their clients.