Our favourite articles about architecture, sustainability and design from December.

Here are some of our favourite articles from December.


Building Cities for a Changing Climate

Did you know that 70% of greenhouse gases come from cities. In Australia, the construction industry has made monumental leaps to lower energy emissions, however, there is still room for improvement.

One of the ways that this could be achieved is through amending the National Construction Code to address climate change. Read more here.


Finding the Goldilocks Point in Workpoint Design

“One of the great paradoxes of modern life is the ever increasing likelihood of breakdowns in communication in a world in which we have more ways to talk to each other than ever before.” More communication does not necessarily mean better communication, as Johnathan Hindle from the British Furniture Confederation discusses.

Is your workplace holding you back?

Poor workplace design is one of the biggest barriers to workplace productivity. All over the world, people lose huge amounts of time every week to poor working conditions and badly designed offices.  In fact the average office worker loses two hours of productivity each week due to poor workplace design.

Flexible Working

Greater flexibility at work has been good for business

Flexible working is good for business. A recent study of some of Australia’s largest employers revealed many benefits aside from staff happiness, including increased growth, a rise in female staff members and better staff retention.


How To Create A Workplace That Supports Mental Health

A recent study from Peldon Rose found that 72% of workers want employers to champion mental health and well-being in the workforce. This was rated higher than equality (48%), sustainability (38%) and diversity (38%). So how do you go about creating a workplace that supports mental health?

Workplace Technology

Extended Reality: Five Barriers to adoption

80% of executives believe that Extended Reality (XR) platforms like AR & VR will make create new ways to interact, communicate and inform. Despite this, the platforms have been slow to gain mainstream appeal. Technology improvements, standardisation and a better understanding of what the platforms are capable of will help XR gain the traction needed to become mainstream.

How 5G Trechnology will enable ultra smart workplaces

“We could see WiFi-enabled laptops replaced by 5G-enabled smartphones and tablets. By connecting these 5G enabled devices with high speed capability to a bigger screen you can visualise the same laptop experience for online collaboration without the need of a bulky laptop.”