Solving workplace wellness - how to get it right

Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are on the rise in Australia. The sedentary nature of the modern office does not help this. 

Many workplaces realise the benefits of creating healthier workplace (such as reducing absenteeism, boosting engagement and lifting employee morale) but go about it the wrong way. 

Employee wellness programs need to do far more than giving employees information and steps to take to better their health. This approach usually results in very little take-up among employees and does not result in any measurable behavioural change.

Instead, employees should think about how their office design affects employee wellness. 

Improving workplace health through design

Companies need to start designing workplaces to support wellness. This is the best and easiest way to create lasting best way to create lasting positive behavioural changes and doesn't have to break the bank.

Simple and easy to implement changes include

  • Adding a music system to the stairwell
  • Providing healthy food options in company cafes and vending machines
  • Giving staff access to natural light
  • Having small plants around the office

Small changes like these make it a lot easier for employees to lead healthier lives every day.

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