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Office Productivity Hacks Entrepreneurs Depend On To Stay Focused And Accomplish Goals

Changing your environment can lead to a creative boost. Workplace design should reflect this and provide employees with places to work besides their designated ‘spot’.

Workplace Culture

The Four Keys to Happiness at Work

Between 55 - 80% of us feel work is something to be endured, not enjoyed. But research suggests that it is possible to find happiness at work, and it has wide-ranging benefits across the board. It would seem that purpose, resilience, engagement and kindness are the keys to happiness at work.

How to create a positive workplace culture.

“94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’s success.” Dr Pragya Agarwal states three ways that organisations can work towards a positive workplace culture.

  1. Clear Values & Ethos

  2. Collaboration & Communication

  3. Inclusion in the workplace

5 Workplace Trends that Could Make You a Happier Employee

The future of work is based around three big overarching trends: Technology, Wellness and Work-life balance. Organizations centred on maximizing these three trends are finding that they have to design their workplaces to accommodate them.

“Few people can be productive, happy, and healthy all the time when they’re stuck working at a desk from nine-to-five, Monday through Friday.” points out Jonathan Webb, from workplace strategy firm KI.

Workplace Design

The importance of workplace design in office relocation.

The average office worker spends 37 hours a week inside an office, so it’s important that their surroundings are comfortable and provide a mix of both work and leisure spaces

Employees might like snacks, treadmill desks, and office dogs — but there's a perk they like much more

Natural light is at the top of your employee's most wanted list, and there is a reason why. Natural light is linked to improved performance as well as health benefits like increased happiness at work, and higher Vitamin D levels.

Collaborative spaces give shared offices a heart

45% of people feel that their office fails to promote collaborative design. One of the best ways that companies can overcome this is through having a well designed breakout space, which functions as the ‘heart’ of the office.


Is it time to rethink your employee wellness strategy?

Employee wellness programs that only focus on physical health do not account for all elements of employee wellness. The trick to a successful employee wellness program is learning how to connect all of the components of employee wellness. These components include physical, financial, emotional and social well-being.

Open offices Make Us Healthier, Says Study We Must All Dutifully Ignore

There are a lot of articles that have been released recently that proclaim the open office as dead or at least in the midst of its death throes.These have all been based off one article, which studies a truly open office, one which no architect would ever design or willingly put their names too.

New research from the University of Arizona has just identified a number of really good benefits to open offices, including lower levels of stress and more frequent activity throughout the day. Find out more about it here.