November's best workplace articles

Workplace Culture

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield: Workplace collaboration is more vital than strategy and ingenuity.

Slack Co-Founder Steward Butterfield says that the five ‘workplace ingredients’ needed for organisational performance are “alignment, coordination, clarity, collaboration and agility.”

Are you flexible enough for flexible work?

Recent changes to Australian legislation are paving the way for mandatory flexible working policies. Rather than fighting the changes, companies should embrace flexible working as it demonstrates value and trust in employees, and can lead to a more productive and engaged workforce.

Happiness at work: Lessons from home

Culture is pivotal to workplace design. “If you’re having to put on your armour to go to work, you’re not having a great experience in your workplace. Creating the emotional experience of home at work means people feel safe and can be themselves.”

Workplace Wellness

“Take it seriously”: Four Steps to foster a healthy workplace

For every dollar spent on workplace health, organisations can expect to see a $6 return. That’s just one of the reasons to take workplace wellness seriously. Dr Ron Elhrlich explains four ways that organisations can make healthy workplaces a priority.

Workplace Design

Two new studies set out a business case for contemporary office design

New research suggests that outdated office interiors can have a negative impact on productivity and attracting talent to an organisation. 30% of workers believe that their office is outdated and in need of a complete refurbishment, with 21% saying that if their office was better designed they would be more productive at work.


9 CEO’s share their favourite productivity hacks

When you think of productivity, the first thing that comes to mind is usually doing more. In reality, productivity is about being more effective with your time. In this article, 9 CEO’s list their top productivity tips, and more often then not, they involve doing less, not more. Fewer meetings, fewer emails and generally fewer things that they consider to be time wasters.

7 Ways Your Office Affects Productivity (Without Your Realising It)

Small changes to your teams working environment can have a big impact on morale and productivity.


Australia leads global green building boom with it’s 200th green building

Australia is leading the world for green building, driven by high levels of market demand and client demand, and an increasing focus on workplace health and well-being.