Getting Employee Engagement Right

Employee engagement is hard to get right. Initiatives to create a more positive environment can backfire, causing employees to be sceptical of future engagement activities. 

So how do you get employee engagement right?

Jacob Morgan published an excellent article “Why the Millions We Spend on Employee Engagement Buys Us So Little”. He spoke to 150 psychologists, economists and business leaders on the topic of employee engagement and found that the key to getting employee engagement right is building a long term engagement strategy.

There are three areas of employee engagement that must be considered:

  1. Cultural
  2. Technological
  3. Physical

Most organisations studied were rated poorly in at least one of these areas. Many companies rated poorly in all three areas. 

Employee engagement across all three of these areas should be prioritised! There are numerous benefits for the employer and employee. For instance, companies who invest in employee experience are four times more profit than comparable companies who do not. They also generate two times more revenue and are able to operate with smaller teams.

Read the full article here.